Super Lighting Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against MaxLite

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Jiaxing Super Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., (“Super Lighting”), together with its affiliate Obert, Inc. (“Obert”), the North American division of Super Lighting, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against MaxLite, Inc. (“MaxLite”), for LED tube products infringing Super Lighting’s patents, including U.S. Patent Nos. 9,689,536; 9,841,174; 9,723,662; 10,208,897; 9,807,826; and 9,897,265.


Super Lighting and Obert share a parent company called Zhejiang Super Lighting Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. (these three companies are collectively referred to as “Super Lighting Group”).  Super Lighting Group is an industry-leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial indoor lighting products and offers a full range of energy efficient lighting products from fluorescent lamps to LED lighting tubes.  Since its establishment in 1993, Super Lighting Group has been dedicated to the R&D of its patented lighting technologies, including fluorescent and LED tube lamp products and has an established patent portfolio of more than 600 patents worldwide. These patents cover the technologies widely used in Double Ended Type B tube LED (Ballast Bypass), Type A tube LED (Direct Replacement) and mixed mode tube LED (Type A + Type B).  Super Lighting Group’s mission is to help create a more environmental-friendly and sustainable society and is willing to work with all partners or players in the lighting industry.

MaxLite, a New Jersey corporation, provides lighting products to the commercial building, residential, and OEM markets. 

In its complaint, Super Lighting and Obert assert that MaxLite sells double ended Type B tube LED (Ballast Bypass), program start Type A tube LED (Direct Replacement), and mixed mode tube LED (Type A + Type B) products that infringe on six U.S. patents covering various LED tube lighting technologies such as, for example the safe installation of LED tube lamps, efficient heat dissipation, compatibility and power modules for LED tube lamps. Super Lighting and Obert are asking the Court to render a decision stopping these infringing activities and awarding them damages.


We are pleased to see market growth for LED products, it is important that such growth is accompanied by fair competition, including respect of intellectual property rights.  We will take all necessary legal actions to remedy the problems pertaining to companies distributing or selling infringing products because if left unchecked these continuing infringement activities will damage our U.S. customers.

 Super Lighting has engaged Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP for the case.



嘉兴大发棋牌平台网址(Jiaxing Super Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)(下称『大发棋牌平台网址』)及其在美国的关连企业Obert, Inc.(下称『Obert』)于美国加州中区联邦地方法院对MaxLite, Inc. 提起侵权诉讼,主张其LED灯管产品侵犯大发棋牌平台网址拥有的US9689536US9841174US9723662US10208897US9807826US9897265等六件美国专利。

大发棋牌平台网址是嘉兴大发棋牌平台网址与Obert的母公司。大发棋牌平台网址自1993年成立以来即为商业和工业室内照明制造商,可全方位地提供从荧光灯到LED灯的节能照明产品,其子公司嘉兴大发棋牌平台网址在LED灯的技术及产品研发上已在全球布局了600多项的专利,广泛应用于跳过镇流器型双端 LED直管灯(Ballast By Pass)、直接替换型 LED直管灯(Direct Replacement)和混合型LED直管灯(Type A + Type B)。大发棋牌平台网址的使命是创建环保永续的社会,并与所有行业内合作伙伴密切合作。


大发棋牌平台网址在其诉状中主张MaxLite销售的『跳过镇流器型(Type B)双端 LED直管灯』,『直接替换型 Program Start Type A 直管灯』和『混合型(Type A + BLED直管灯』等产品已侵犯大发棋牌平台网址六项美国专利,共涉及LED直管灯的安装安全性技术、散热、兼容性及电源模块等相关技术。大发棋牌平台网址请求法院要求被告停止侵权并赔偿损害。